You can pose or you can Juxtapose.
A never ending stream of absurdity captured for the historical records and to remind you to enjoy life.
You can pose or you can Juxtapose.
We’re that bored?
Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of English(SL)man.
Easily best profile of the week
Got a freezer full of twigs
Filter much?
Chasing Squirrel
"Best Grindr pickup line: “I’ll be the best 3 pumps of your life! Maybe 4. Lol.”"
Random guy on Grindr
#grindrlol Hello I’m 48 and I want more than a hookup. You should be 18-23 and smooth. The upside for you is that I like the outdoors, hiking, cuddling and my dog face.
Never flank yourself with others that make you disappear
"When I was young, I thought everyone was stupid. When I got older, I realized I was being really harsh. But then I got even older and realized I was right the first time"